About Me


JOG_1591-improvedIn short, my name is Wei Zhou (周玮), a Finnish citizen who was born in Shanghai. I speak fluent English, Finnish, mandarin Chinese and Shanghai dialect. I’ve been working mainly in the communications and marketing field. I’m enthusiastic, curious, interested in learning new things and taking new challenges. I like communicating with people, whether it’s in real life or virtually. I love travelling, reading, writing, hiking, new technologies and dancing Argentine tango…

The whole story between me and Finland began 21 years ago. I landed in Helsinki in the summer of 1992. You could probably imagine, as I came from Shanghai, a metropolitan city of hustle and bustle, what a huge difference it was when I could hardly find any people on the street during the weekend and hear absolutely no sound in the night. I could not even easily fall into sleep! However, after the original cultural shock, I decided to stay.

You might want to know why. And that’s also usually the first questions many Finns I met for the first time would wonder: ”why did you come to Finland?” , ”what do you like about Finland?”. Well, after having finished my study of Dramaturgy at Shanghai Theatre Academy, I decided to go for another path in my life.  I came to Finland and studied Food Technology at University of Helsinki. Later on, also International Business at Haaga-Helia Universiy of Applied Science. Finland is a country of equality, honesty, peacefulness, with fresh air, clean environment and proximity to the nature. What could be a better reason to stay here?

I have spent 21 years in Finland, but make frequent business trips to different cities in China , stayed for 1.5 years in Shanghai during the Expo period, so that I’m deeply involved in the cultural and business cooperation between Finland and China, have developed a profound understanding of both countries’ cultural, social and business practices, built extensive networks in both countries, thus being capable of linking the bridge between East and West. And that’s the work I enjoy doing the most!

I’m a member of The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters. (www.sktl.fi), Finnish Journalists Union (www.journalistiliitto.fi), and an active member of the Rotary Club where I will act as the President-Elect at the Club Verkkorotary starting from 7. 2015 and as the President starting from 7.2016.

Find out more about what I have done and what I’m doing: My Work