Media in China



  • TV channels: There are 3000 TV channels among which 40-50 are very important ones (being censored)
  • Radio channels: 1000 (relatively free in expressing opinions and reporting)
  • Newspapers: 2200, with a daily circulation of 100 million, which is the biggest in the world
  • Magazines, professional journals, and other publications: 7000


China is the biggest market for internet and mobile usage in the world, and is also now a booming social media market. New media has spread quickly, especially in the 2000s.

  • Mobile phone users: over 1 billion, which is 74% of the whole population of China (2012)
  • Internet users: 565 million, which is 42% of the population
  • Mobile Internet users: 420 million users, with a growth rate of 18% in 2011
  • Among the Internet users, over 80% follows microblogs or other social media channels
  • The majority of the Internet users are under the age of 40
  • Traditional media also have their presences online
  • Chinese prefer browsing Chinese websites because many foreign sites are being blocked by the firewall, for example, twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, Google Map, Dropbox, BBC, etc.
  • Chattings, blogs and microblogs are the most popular, with a daily user amount of 300 million. It is relatively easier to have free discussions and to spread the news or rumours. But there could still be sanctions if being caught of spreading inappropriate content.

(Courtesy: Jyri Lintunen/Finnfacts)

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