Social media

The most cost effective way to reach your target audience in China!


Social media’s role has become more and more prominent in the modern digital age. China is the biggest market for internet and mobile in the world, and also now a booming social media market. It is the most cost effective way to reach your target audience and enhance your visibility in China.

WEICOMM Consulting is responsible for VisitFinland and thisisFinland’s Sina Weibo microblogs (the largest microblog platform in China with over 500 million registered users), and thisisFinland’s Wechat posting.

Weibo is the hottest social media application and becoming the most important channel for internet users to obtain information and news. By having a presence on Weibo, you could initiate a conversation, launch a market campaign and reach Chinese media, professionals, investors, companies, organisations, investors and potential customers. Join this interactive and dynamic environment!





Wechat with its 450 000 registered users is becoming increasingly popular. It operates with a closed circle, where users only are able to interact with people that they are connected with. The users could receive push-messages with pictures, videos and texts from public accounts that they are following.

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