Severi Keinälä, Teollisuusneuvos, Elinkeino- ja innovaatio-osasto, Yritysten kansainvälistyminen ja vienti, Työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö 

“Wei oli mukana Shanghain Expon järjestelyissä, tuolloin hän työskenteli Finprossa. Hänen kiinan kielen taitonsa, vahva englannin kielen taitonsa sekä upea järjestelykykynsä ja SOMEn osaaminen teki meihin kaikkiin ohjausryhmässä erinomaisen vaikutuksen. Hän oli ahkera ja tunnollinen työntekijä, josta syystä häntä voi suositella erilaisiin työtehtäviin. Hän on Finprosta lähtönsä jälkeen perustanut oman yrityksen, joka tarjoaa asiakkailleen monipuolisia Kiinaan liittyviä palveluita, josta syystä uskallan suositella häntä myös teidän projektiinne.”

Nicola Lindertz, Head of Finland Promotion, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Department for Communications and Culture

logo_2“Wei Zhou plays a key role in the Chinese language version of the online service thisisFINLAND.fi. She is responsible for translating and editing materials into Chinese for the website, as well as creating original content as needed. She is also the main contributor to the associated Weibo channel, ensuring that it is updated with relevant content several times a day. Her professionalism and knowledge of both Finland and China make her a first-rate partner for thisisFINLAND.fi.”

Anni Kaukoranta, Senior Officer, International Affairs Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

“Wei Zhou had an important role during a recent ministerial level visit from China. Her friendly, reliable and professional character and cultural knowledge from both Finland and China resulted in guaranteeing the visit to be successful to both sides. Her skills as an interpreter are indispensable and highly recommended.”

Pertti Huitu, Commissioner General of Finland at Shanghai Expo 2010, Finpro


“The daily operations have required keen communication with the management and administration staff both in Finland and other Pavilions, with local Chinese authorities and potential customers, creativity and flexibility in changing situations and perseverance in the often congested environment.

Mrs. Zhou has fulfilled her duties with excellence, and earned our highest professional and personal respects.  She has shown full commitment and great competence and credibility, reliability, loyalty, efficiency and hands- on attitude. She has proved to be very professional, target oriented and analytical. She has been very innovative and independent in her duties. By means of her exhilarating and inspiring approach she succeeded to create very friendly and constructive atmosphere convincing her teams, workmates and collaborators. She has been a highly motivated member of our team.

Mrs. Zhou -born and grown in Shanghai- masters excellently the Chinese language as well as naturally and comprehensively the local Chinese business, culture, connections and ways of action. She has succeeded to build up fruitful cooperation relations among Expo Bureau, business and local authorities as well as among media and communications field; all characters we highly appreciate in and all her features which have so largely contributed to the success of the project. Wei has proved to be calm, systematic, hard-working and able to organize things and herself, despite during the Expo period sometimes very hectic schedule, among the huge crowds of visitors and almost endless amount of events and happenings around.

Wei’s excellent English skills as well her deep knowledge and understanding of Finland and Finnish conditions and circumstances, of internet and ICT-technologies and of the world of social media have all made a big asset to Finland’s Expo Project, too. Wei has communicated in a pleasant interactive  way and her friendly and approachable personality with sense of humour has won the confidence and respect of all colleagues, Partners, local authorities, other Pavilions and cooperation networks.”

Anna Leikkari, Editor in Chief, Finnish Tourist Bureau


“Wei has helped us translate and update articles on VisitFinland.com (VF) website and she is in charge of posting tweets on VF’s Weibo channel.

We have been extremely happy to have Wei work for us. She has creative and practical ideas in strategic planning, and she also understands the preferences of our Chinese readers. By combining her experience and extensive knowledge about Finland, she is able to provide our readers with the news and stories they are interested in.

I am quite impressed by Wei’s professionalism, efficiency and friendly attitude. With her help, the amount of our Weibo followers grow steadily and also have good interactions with us. In my opinion, Wei’s contribution to our digital channel marketing towards China has been very valuable and fruitful. She is also an excellent translator – very fast and efficient.”

Arja Suominen, SVP Communications, Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs, Finnair 

finnair“To us Wei Zhou is more than an interpreter or translator, but an active and friendly facilitator whose knowledge and experience of both Chinese and Finnish cultural norms has proven valuable as we build more personal relationships between Finland and China.”

Mikko Puustinen, Press and Cultural Counsellor, Embassy of Finland to China, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

”I have been working with Wei in different projects for quite a few years. She has proved her competence in various tasks with her professionalism, credibility and creative approach. Her outstanding performance in planning programs for media visits to Finland, facilitating and interpreting for the delegations, organizing events and exhibitions, creating marketing materials, and promoting Finland using social media channels have won our deep appreciation and trust.”