Finland at Expo 2010 Shanghai


“Finland at Expo 2010″ staff standing in front of the Finland Pavilion – Kirnu

World EXPO is a global exposition that aims at promoting the exchange of ideas and the development of the world economy, culture, science, and technology; allowing exhibitors to display their achievements; and strengthening international relationships. The first World EXPO was held in 1851 in London.

The Finnish participation in a World Expo is a national effort, and the project is funded mainly by Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland, in additional co-operation with Ministry of Culture and Education as well as Finnish companies and organizations. The total budget of the project was 16,5 MEUR.

The project has been implemented by Finpro. Finland built its own 3000m2 national pavilion named “Kirnu” for the use during the public World Expo period 1.5 – 31.10.2010. The pavilion was designed to be a permanent building. Finland Pavilion received a Golden Statue for Best Pavilion Design in Category B  awarded by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE).

The whole Finland at Expo project lasted almost 7 years from the preparation to post Expo phase. During the six month Expo opening period, Finland Pavilion received an average 30 000 guests daily, with a total guest count over 5,7 million, of which 95 % were Chinese people. The biggest ever EXPO 2010 had almost 75 million visitors and the record number of 246 official participants.

During the EXPO it has been organized together with 86 Finnish Partner organizations over 300 professional seminars and related events at the Pavilion’s conference facilities; all in all some 25 000 Chinese decision makers and dignitaries attended those events. The Pavilion received over 7 500 Chinese and international VIP groups.

The management and staff operating the Finland Pavilion are altogether 230 persons.